Your Insurance Claim got rejected, switch to

Your Insurance Claim got rejected, switch to

Aditya is a business person; he runs a logistic organization, where he has a tie-up with one of the main online supermarkets for the conveyance of products requested to the organization through his vehicles. He has an armada of more than 50 vehicles for conveyance of products in Mumbai and Pune.

A month ago one of his vehicles met with a mishap, in which his conveyance van slammed into an auto and both the van and auto got harmed. Auto proprietor held up a case of on Aditya’s firm. Aditya thought as every one of his vehicles are secured with third party insurance, he won’t just get his vehicles damage claimed from the insurance company but also for the car’s damage under third party motor insurance.

Nonetheless, it was an utter stun for him that his case was declined. The insurance agency let him know that his case is rejected because of a few insufficiencies in the case, as

  • His driver was having lapsed permit
  • His third party insurance for the vehicle had terminated
  • They have not lodge FIR for the accident
  • Damage to the vehicle was not investigated by the surveyor and they did the repair, before lodging the claim
  • They had not taken photographs of the vehicle at the accident spot
  • They neglected to report the accident to the insurance agency within 24 hours

He reviewed after the accident occurred his first need was to organize another vehicle, get the goods picked up and get it delivered to customers, and in masterminding all these he didn’t get an ideal opportunity to refer the policy document to lodge a proper claim.

Aditya is presently stressed that he didn’t know about all these minute details and will need to pay all the cash from his own pocket.

In any case, to guarantee something as this doesn’t happen in future, he thinks it is better to take services of Insurance Advisors than to handle every one of these perspectives all alone as he has his hands full with different business exercises. Furthermore, for him time is money, it would be better that as opposed to putting time in seeing every one of the subtleties of protection, he simply go on these to and invests the energy saved money on his business. Hence, he would have the capacity to beneficially utilize the time in this manner spared.

He meets Mr.Pramod from, who clarifies him that won’t just pick best insurance policy from Aditya’s firm but also coordinate all claim related procedures. He then tells Aditya that if they had taken services of, they would need to simply make a call to, and they would have ensured that all the things are in place as per requirement of Insurance Company.

Aditya is currently alleviated that is it a shrewd choice to partner with

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