Monsoon cares for vehicles

Monsoon cares for vehicles

Everybody is waiting for a good monsoon and heavy rainfall. After all, it is expected that there is going to be above normal rainfall this year after the dry spell of two years because of El-Nino effect. This is very good news as an individual but as a vehicle-owner, you have to be very careful as heavy rains bring incidences of water-logging and accidents due to slippery roads. During monsoon, everyone wants to enjoy the long drive across the picnic spots. Also, driving in the own car during monsoon is better than traveling on public transport as you will find public transport crowded and will have to wait longer for taxi or rickshaw. We have therefore compiled few to do points, shielding measures and requisites for you to safeguard you and your vehicle. So be monsoon ready and enjoy your drive.

Tyres should be in excellent condition during monsoon. Due to the frequent running of the vehicle, the tyres become smooth and during monsoon in contact with water it increases the chance of skidding and losing control of the vehicle. As water and dirt get accumulated over the road it can result in puncture so it is advisable to keep a spare tyre and puncture repair kit so that you don’t stick in mid of the road.

Putting mud flaps on the vehicle will protect others from the spray of the mud that distracts them during driving.  When you are driving please ensure others safety on roads to avoid a mishap.

Rainwater and mud can corrode your vehicle so get a good wax polish done. Covering your vehicle during monsoon is not a good option as it can rust the vehicle. Try parking in a place where it is airy, avoid parking in low-lying areas and avoid parking under the tree as the wind may cause trees to fell and may cause a mishap.

Ensure that the car wipers are working properly and wiper blades are able to clean water on the windscreen. Also, check whether wipe systems are working properly. Wipers are very crucial as during heavy rains if wipers are not working you will become literally blind. Also, keep some heavy object so in case you are stuck in the vehicle and doors are jammed you can break the windshield and come out.

Though monsoon brings in the cool breeze it is not advisable to keep the windows down and drive as it will bring rain water in and will seep on the seats and carpet. As dampen seats and carpet will cause damage to them and will bring foul smell it may also cause short circuit while operating power window switches. You can fix a rain guard (alternately known as rain visor, window visor, window deflector) which protects rainwater from coming into the vehicle through window thus allowing you to enjoy the weather and cutting down on your air conditioner.

Never drive the vehicle when you are stuck in water. You might assume that speeding your vehicle might allow you to get through easily but you might be risking your life hence avoid flooded and water lodging areas

Ensure that the headlight and taillight are working properly as visibility is reduced during monsoon

You must be servicing your vehicle timely but just as you take care of yourself for the monsoon it is advisable to get a checklist for your vehicle by your technician to avoid any mishap.

Monsoon brings in moisture and getting out and in from the car wets your clothes which then wet your carpet and seat and with no proper ventilation it results in a foul odor. Use a vacuum cleaner to dry the wet portion and leave the windows open so that odor is removed, you can also use natural air freshener, using an umbrella will prevent wet clothes from dampening the seats or seat covers. Keep the wet umbrella in a plastic bag so it does not wet the seats or carpet. If too much water has soaked in, take the vehicle to the garage to be dried. If need be, remove the carpet and dry it.

It’s a general tendency that as soon as you enter the vehicle you start the machine close the door and start the Air conditioner which results in fogging up to avoid this let the door be opened so that ventilation takes place and then turn on the AC.

Please ensure that you carry a tow rope as it will be useful if you are stuck in the mud and need to be towed out. A shovel will be needed to loosen the dirt around the tyres and gain grip to remove you. A medical kit can come handy for bruises and first aid when required. If you’re stuck in a traffic jam for hours, biscuits and power bars will quench your hunger. A phone charger will help when you’re stuck in a traffic jam to ensure that your mobile phone doesn’t run out of charge. Keep reading material to while away the time when stuck in a traffic jam. The newspaper can also be placed over the foot mats to soak water from wet footwear. A flashlight will help when you’re stuck somewhere in the dark and need to change a tyre etc.

These are some of the tips for vehicle and for your safety but also keep your insurance details like insurance contact details, policy copies handy during monsoon so whenever you are stuck you know whom to contact.

After scorching summer Monsoon brings in pleasant atmosphere where we are tempted to roam and explore but at the same time it tests you’re driving so drive safely and enjoy Monsoon.



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