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Rajiv is working in Admin Team with an Indian Construction Company. His supervisor asks him to renew the Employee Group Mediclaim policies, Employee Group Personal Accident policies and also to take Construction All Risk Policy for 2 new projects that his company has recently taken. His supervisor has also asked him to review the terms of existing policies and see that company gets better terms at the best price. He is given one month’s a great opportunity to fulfill the same.

He gets energized suspecting that he needs to simply get three policies and has one month close by. Being a very much arranged official, he goes to his work area and begins arranging ahead of time for good execution of errand allotted to him.

Rajiv records down the errand which requirements to do to finish the current workload. Taking after is the synopsis list-

  • Type of cover to be taken (3)-GHI, GPA, and CAR
  • Number of Insurance Companies in market- 28
  • Number of quotation even if he invites from top 10 companies- 30
  • Required Action- finding out top 10 companies for each product
  • Finding out contact person at each of these companies to each product
  • Getting the list of products, exclusions, inclusions, add-on cover available etc
  • Submitting requirement list for each policy for inviting quotations
  • Getting the quotations and comparing the same to find out best company to go for
  • Negotiating with the companies for best price and suitable product
  • Paying the premium and getting the policy copy

After making the draft list of actions to be taken, Rajiv is presently anxious as he is not certain whether the above list is even comprehensive and on the off chance that he will have the capacity to do the greater part of the above things in the best way. He begins pondering that on the off chance that he picks wrong strategy or wrong insurance agency, his director won’t be glad. Indeed, even in the wake of getting best plan, how the insurance agency will be in the case of services can’t be determined.

Insurance advisors like InsuranceManager.com help you in providing competitive quotes from different insurance company along with the comparison sheet for coverage and pricing. They will help you in identifying the required inclusions and what can be excluded. Based on this specific requirement, they will invite quotations from several insurance companies, they will submit you comparative analysis and also help you in understanding the difference between plans offered by different companies and if required in identifying the suitable plan for your organization. Not only this, they negotiate on your behalf with the companies to ensure you get competitive pricing. Their role does not end with policy issuance, they will help in claim settlement, if any adverse event takes place, they will remind you about policy renewal and help in the renewal of policy also.

By taking help of InsuranceManager.com, Rajiv could get a reasonable strategy for his organization with best rates and on ideal terms.

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