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With help of Family Floater Health Insurance, the best medical care and treatment are accessible to you while being financially protected. In case of a medical emergency, a health insurance policy for Family and Senior Citizens promises peace of mind and also ensures that you and your family will receive the best treatment at a hospital of your choice. Insurance Manager is one of the best health insurance company facilitating in providing insurance which suits your requirement with multiple options. Each policy offering something unique to suit your specific needs. Some people especially in the employment sector, are covered by corporate health insurance plan provided by their employer and feel that they need not buy separate plan for themselves and their family. We offer you the affordable Healthcare Insurance Plan with a wide range of benefits to take complete care of you and your family! So choose the best Top Up Health Insurance Medicliam policy that suits your requirement.

We have following options under Mediclaim Plans

Individual Mediclaim Insurance: Under individual mediclaim Insurance, each individual will have separate sum insured.

Family Floater Health Insurance: Under family floater health insurance, sum insured will be shared by each of the family members.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance: Senior Citizen Insurance plans are is exclusively designed for the senior citizens, which covers medical expenses incurred during hospitalization period and Pre / Post Hospitalisation.

Top-up Health Insurance: Also known as Surplus plans allow you to extend your health insurance cover. It takes care of the additional hospitalisation expenses over and above the deductible amount.

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The Policy pays claims for

  • Room Expenses in Hospital/Nursing Home
  • Doctor /Nursing Expenses
  • Surgery
  • Cost of Medicines etc.
  • Pre & Post Hospitalisation expenses (Diagnostic Reports, Medical bills)

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive coverage for your family with Individual or floater Sum Insured
  • Cashless claims facility at over 3,000+ network hospitals across India
  • Income Tax Benefits u/s 80D
  • Renewal Reminder service
  • Affordable Premium options

Major Exclusions

Waiting period for diseases contracted during the first 30 days

Certain Diseases are excluded from the scope of cover for 1/2  year depending on the Plan

Pre-existing disease have a waiting period of 2/4 years depending on the Plan opted

 Any pre-existing illness

Specified illnesses for the first year

Specified illnesses in the case of domiciliary hospitalisation.

Any treatment for the first 30 days from the time of inception of policy, unless due to an accident.

Treatment related to HIV / AIDS

Treatment due to abuse of alcohol or intoxicants.

Vaccination and inoculation.

Nuclear and war perils.

Naturopathy treatment.

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