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Everyone  loves  watching  movies,  but  making  a  film  is  not  kids’  job.  It requires lots of investment and hard work of so many people. Insurance manager provides film production insurance or film Insurance to cover the risks associated with your production. Film production insurance policy covers expenses  in  the  event  of  cancellation  of  production,  additional  cost/reshoot  cost  due to  faulty  negatives against prop sets and wardrobes, third party property damage money insurance employers liability errors & omissions. We can offer you best Film production insurance coverage with low premiums for Films, Media and Entertainment. We review your project and offer you the coverage as per your requirement.

Scope of cover

  • Personal Accident for the artists and the employees.
  • Hospitalisation cover within the country as well as overseas.
  • Loss / Damage to the props/sets/films/negatives.
  • Extra expenses incurred for re-shooting the film/parts of the film following an accident insured under the policy.
  • Loss following burglary at the film shoot site.
  • Loss of baggage/personal effects of the artist/employee when overseas.
  • Covers against Death or Permanent Total Disablement hospitalization on account of an accident for the artists and the employees involved in the film.
  • Reimburses the actual production expenses involved in re-shooting the film following an accident /peril covered under the policy to the extent of the sum insured chosen.
  • Covers loss or damage to films negatives reels.
  • Burglary /loss of money and articles are covered.
  • Hospitalisation expenses for the employees when on overseas travel for film shooting as well as loss of passport and expenses incurred to procure passport.
  • Loss of personal baggage of artists and employees when on tour abroad.
  • Third party liability (Other than Motor Vehicles) can also be covered

Major Exclusions

  • Loss caused by
  • Insured person taking part in any Hazardous Job.
  • Terrorism.
  • Kidnapping.
  • Atmospheric Changes.
  • Delay in delivery & Judgment in exposure for negative films.
  • Evaporation Vermin Damages Dust Contamination Wear & Tear Short Circuit Shortage for Prop Sets.
  • Liability under MV Act & Damage to Buildings other than production under Third Party Property.
  • Standard Exclusion of PA & Money Policy.

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